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How do I learn character modeling? Well, you can get started by joining Puppeteer Lounge character modeling training workshop program and learn how to model digital characters for films and games. Check out our student’s character modeling show-reel!


Learn character modeling and digital sculpting from concept to final! We offer 3 flexible character modeling training workshops that are 9-15 weeks each. Our character modeling courses are designed for all levels of character modelers. Beginning modelers will be directed to learn specific tools and techniques used in character modeling. Below is the summary of all available workshops!

Introduction to Character Modeling

In this character modeling course we will learn the basics of character modeling for production. We will focus on working with Primitive Objects and getting familiar with different tools and techniques to model vehicle or a simple stylized character.

Class Detail

  • Class 1: Workflow & Concepts of Modeling in 3D. Introduction to Modeling in Maya. Working with Primitive objects in Maya
  • Class 2: Thinking like a Modeler. Looking at reference images.
  • Class 3: Breaking down complex models in to simple primitive shapes and different types of geometries. Edge loops and Ring concept. Important polygonal modeling tools such as Split, Insert Edge loops, Extrude, Merge
  • Class 4: Speeding up modeling workflow. Look for repeated shapes & symmetries. Radial Symmetries & Bilaterally symmetrical.
  • Class 5: Working with reference images. Image Planes in Maya.
  • Class 6: Working with Advance Polygonal modeling tools in Maya such as Edge Spins, Move Axis.
  • Class 7: Topology. Modeling loops and Animation loops. Look at Triangles, Quads, Ngons, Kites, Stars/Poles.
  • Class 8: Number of different methods of modeling for getting to the same result. Subdivision Algorithm (Turns Triangles and Ngons to a Quad)
  • Class 9: Considering the pipeline, about your comfort level and deadline.
  • Assignments:
    1. Building a Stylized Vehicle
    2. Building a Stylized Character


  • $360 for Online Workshop
  • $270 for Offline (pre-recorded) Workshop

Target Audience

  • No previous experience with Character Modeling or Software Tools is required but it is helpful.

Cartoon Character Modeling

In this character modeling course we will learn to model a production ready cartoon character model for film. We will start off by taking a look at character modeling blueprints and expression sheets. The first half of the workshop is focused towards building the body and the second half of the workshop goes over creating a head model. The course focuses on not just creating a model that matches the blueprint but also focuses on modeling for articulation, hence the students will be introduced and get them familiar with the art of topology matching the character’s anatomy for deformation. Towards the end of the workshop, you will have created a production ready, cartoon character model!

Class Detail

  • Model a cartoon character in 12 Class


  • $480 for Online Workshop.
  • $360 for the Offline (pre-recorded) Workshop

Target Audience

  • Previous experience with Character Modeling and Software Tools is required.

“Hyper Real Character Modeling

In this character modeling course we will learn to model a production ready hyper-realistic character or creature model for film and games. In this workshop, we will learn to sculpt digital model using state of the art sculpting package, ZBrush. Starting off with an in-depth look at the provided character blueprint, students will be guided toward the art of digital sculpting to create the sculpture. Through-out this course, students will get an in-depth overview of the anatomy, proportion and the musculo-skeletal structure of the character being modeled. Students will then learn the purpose of re-topology and create the final version of the model for articulation with proper edge-flow matching the character’s anatomy and musculature. Student’s will also learn to un-wrap “UV” of the model and extract normal/displacement maps for rendering. The workshop is a blend of creativity and technicality to model a production ready Hyper Real Character!

Class Detail

  • Model a realistic character|creature in 15 Class


  • $600 for Online Workshop
  • $450 for the Offline (pre-recorded) Workshop

Target Audience

  • Anyone with an interest in upgrading their existing Character Modeling skills to build a Hyper-Realistic model.
  • Previous experience with Character Modeling is required.



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