Unreal Engine Workshop

Build and showcase your work of art through the power of Unreal Engine 4! Learn how to integrate and create an amazing game showcase in just 10 in-depth classes! Our workshop is designed for all levels of artist. Below is the summary of the workshop, also a short video clip from the workshop!

“Character | Creature Showcase Demo”

Students will learn to create an Unreal Engine 4 Demo as shown in the video above. You can download TEJO Unreal Engine 4 Demo by clicking here.

Class Detail

  • Class 1: Workflow & Concepts of Maya & Unreal Engine 4 integration. Developing the pipeline for the Unreal Engine demo. Preparing the necessary assets, model, and texture.
  • Class 2: Overview of the character rig and animation. Bake character animation and corrective morph targets to be exported to the game engine.
  • Class 3: Overview of the Unreal Engine 4. Preparing and importing necessary assets.
  • Class 4: Overview and creation of various blueprints inside of the game engine.
  • Class 5: Working with shader. Compiling and assigning necessary materials for the assets. Simple lighting.
  • Class 6: Setup level lighting and particle effects. Create HUD.
  • Class 7: Setting up morph target based dynamic driven maps (Normal & Displacement). Setup automated flickering light.
  • Class 8: Finalize interactive turntable demo. Post processing and ambient music. Publish the demo. Review & Q&A.
  • Class 9: Intro to Matinee.
  • Class 10: Use Unreal Engine 4 Matinee for cinematic production!
  • Assignments:
    – Creating TEJO Unreal Engine 4 Demo


  • $400 for the Online Workshop.
  • $300 for the Offline (pre-recorded) Workshop

Target Audience

  • Anyone with an interest in CGI Game Engine integration workflow.
  • Previous working experience with different fields of computer animation and software tools is required. You can take a look at our modeling, rigging and animation workshops to assist you with this workshop. Working experience with Unreal Engine 4 is not required to get started.

  • SAM Rig Demo
  • ZIVA VFX Muscle Simulation Breakdown | Tiger
  • Bird Wing Setup | Rig Demo
  • Human Transformation Setup | Rig Demo
  • Proportional Modifier Setup Demo
  • Bucky Bunny Multiples Rig Demo
  • Automated Normal Maps with ShaderFX
  • Warrior Rig Demo
  • Upgrading Rig with Soft IK (Puppeteer Lounge)
  • Marcus Allenbrisk (Rig Test) ~ Sci-Fi - CGI - Warhammer 40,000
  • Mirroring Blendshapes (rigTips)
  • TEJO ~ Body Building Show (Muscle & Tension)
  • HRCS (Rigging Workshop 3) Facial Setup WIP Demo
  • Vehicle-Terrain Interaction Demonstration
  • Hyper Real Body Setup Workshop (Poses WIP)
  • HRBS ~ Arm Demo (WIP)
  • HRFS ~ Facial Rig Demo
  • CENTIPEDE procedural motion R&D
  • LIONEX "The Transformer"
  • Cartoony Facial Rig ~ Danny
  • Polaroid SX-70 Camera
  • Jomboo Rig Demo
  • Maya Cloth Test "nCloth Setup"
  • RigTips ~ Setting up a Wrist Watch
  • Danny Rig Demo