Character Rigging Consultant

“The Personal Learning Solution for your Team”


We provide online character rigging consultant service such as expert training,  guidance and supervision with artist working in studio and production house. Whether it be reviewing artist’s work and giving them comments or providing them hands on instructions, we conduct live meeting session to collect artistic feedback and troubleshoot production related task by providing lectures and tutorial sessions to artists in the company.

Studio & Company using Puppeteer Lounge in-depth Online Character Rigging Consultant service.


“Puppeteer Lounge’s consultancy service and workshop have been a tremendous inspiration to riggers in our studio. With no senior rigging supervisor in-house, Puppeteer Lounge’s consultancy has just filled in the missing position. By providing instant feedback and hands-on guidance, riggers can benefit from the consultant’s advice which gears their work towards the right direction.”


Chishan Liu

HEAD of Production | TWR

Contact Us to join our Rigging Consultant service. (Price: $7500/hr)

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