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Ready to start learning at Puppeteer Lounge? Please Follow the steps below!

  • Click the APPLY button.
  • Fill out the registration form. Please ensure all your contact details are correct and updated.
  • You will need to pay $15 to complete the registration process and enroll for Puppeteer Lounge Training Workshop.
  • We will email you shortly to get started with the learning process (If you do not receive it, check your mail box’s JUNK/SPAM folder).
  • Make the necessary payment and we start LEARNING!

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)!

How are the classes conducted?

The “Live” Online classes are conducted via live screen sharing & voice chat more using an online training platform called GoToMeeting. However the Offline classes are conducted via direct file sharing which includes the video recordings and assets for the registered workshop. Both the Online & Offline workshop features sessions going over lecture, reviews, assignment and Q&A!

What is the difference between Online and Offline (pre-recorded) Workshop sessions?

At Puppeteer Lounge, you get the flexibility of choosing 2 different type of workshops, each structured to meet your need.

  • “Online Workshop” are conducted via live screen sharing & voice chat. With Online Workshop, you can choose your preferred schedule for the training. We will provide you with the best possible time schedule to meet your need. This workshop is more suited to a person who needs more one on one, personal guidance or tutor service. There is no waiting periods for the workshop meaning it starts when you are ready! You can take it at your own pace with the learning and working on the assignments for review! You will also receive a screen capture video recording for each class. This workshop features sessions going over live lecture, reviews, assignment and Q&A!
  • “Offline (pre-recorded)” Workshop is not live and interactive but more like a video tutorial where the instructor will share with you a recorded video (screen capture recording) of each class. You can ask or interact with the instructor through email regarding any course related questions, reviews and assignments. Live review, Q&A session is also offered on demand.

What do I need to do!?

You need to have a reliable internet connection, 256 kbps recommended. A microphone and web camera for video chat is essential for online courses! The workshops are conducted using Autodesk Maya software. You can get a student version of Autodesk Maya from their website. For Blender specific workshop, you can get Blender from their website. For Unreal Engine Workshop, you can get UNREAL ENGINE from their website.

Can I pay in monthly installments!?

Yes you can! Monthly installments are an affordable option to pay. You simply purchase with a variable down payment, depending on the training workshop, and agree to monthly installment payments for the training workshop. Contact us for more detail.

Is there in-house training!?

Yes at Puppeteer Lounge we offer in-house one on one specialized training for domestic students. You can call us at 9801023032 for inquiry or contact us via email.

When Do Classes Start?

Training Workshop at Puppeteer Lounge starts after you have successfully completed the student registration process. Payment of training workshop is made in advance and classes are scheduled based on student’s time preference and availability. In other words, we offer flexible timeline for all of our training courses! For offline courses, the class materials and assets are ready for download within 2 to 3 days after making the purchase.

What do I get!?

Upon successful completion of a workshop you will receive a Certificate of Completion. We encourage and guide each of our students to create a portfolio reel at the end of the workshop so that they can showcase what they have learned to help them with their career and work. Every registered students get full and unlimited supply of guidance, review, Q&A and feedback even after they have completed their course with us, we love to watch our student achieve their goal! Check out some of our graduates who are currently working at amazing studios around the globe here

Please feel free to watch some of the class sample videos below to get an idea of how the classes are conducted…

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