Blender Workshop

Learn how to build your very own professional cartoon character rigs with the amazing opensource tool-set BLENDER! Our workshops are designed for all levels of artists. Below is the summary of all available workshops!

“Cartoon Character Rigging Workshop”

We will learn how to make a powerful rig for a cartoon biped character in the open source software Blender. Focusing on making a rig that can be easily transferable and reused on other characters with minimal extra work.”

Class Detail

  • Class 1 – Reference study. The base skeleton setup.
  • Class 2 – A stretchy IK/FK style spine.
  • Class 3 – Finger and palm controls.
  • Class 4 – IK/FK switching systems for limbs.
  • Class 5 – FK hinge switching system for FK limbs.
  • Class 6 – Stretchy IK limbs with an extra joint bone for extra stretchy control.
  • Class 7 – Foot roll system.
  • Class 8 – A full Facial animation system based around bones.
  • Class 9 – Facial UI integration and facial control add-in.
  • Class 9 – Creating, tweaking and mirroring weight groups.
  • Class 10 – Intro into mesh shape keys.
  • Class 11 – Mesh shape keys build and integration.
  • Class 12 – Finalize the character rig by going though a checklist. Ready for character animation.
  • Assignments:
    1. Rigging a full body and facial cartoon character for production in Blender.


  • $360 for the Offline (pre-recorded) Workshop

Target Audience

  • Anyone with an interest in Character Rigging in BLENDER.
  • Basic understanding of Blender required.


Contact Us to get yourself a free copy of Puppeteer Lounge’s amazing Charlie Rig built by instructor Jeremy Davidson!

Jeremy Davidson


Jeremy specializes in Blender Rigging and Animation. He has over 6 years of professional experience. His works include Sintel, Tears of Steel, Lighthouse, etc. Check out his show-reels below.


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